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Nanjing zhukang medical industry group!

QQ consulting


  • The electrician

    2018-02-06 09\:51


  • Tmall customer service

    2018-02-06 09\:50

    Work content: 1. Responsible for the pre-sale and after-sales work of the company's products in Tmall flagship store; 2. Responsible for the customer return and exchange complaint handling, understa

  • Licensed pharmacists

    2018-02-06 09\:50

    Work content: 1. Use professional knowledge to provide customers with medication guidance and sales drugs; 2. Perform the in-store drug display, drug maintenance, inspection and acceptance, return and

  • Operation assistant

    2018-02-06 09\:49

    Work content: 1. Participated in the overall operation of Tmall and jingdong stores, achieved performance indicators through effective methods, and controlled cost e

  • procurement

    2018-02-06 09\:49

    Work content: 1. Responsible for the introduction of the company's products, contract signing and supplier development; 2. Responsible for the implementation of variety procurement and establish a g

  • Information administrator

    2018-02-06 09\:48

    Work content: Hardware maintenance: company network equipment, network cable, router, switch; System maintenance: supply chain ERP, WMS, OMS. Job requirements: 1. Have junior college degree or above,

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