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Nanjing zhukang medical industry group!

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Chairman Li Zhiming went to Danfeng County of Shaanxi Province to investigate the construction project of poverty alleviation co


Chairman Li Zhiming went to Danfeng County of Shaanxi Province to investigate the construction project of poverty alleviation co


  Recently, Li Zhiming, the chairman of the group, led the relevant personnel of the company to Danfeng County, Shaanxi Province, to investigate the construction project of poverty alleviation cooperative planting and processing base of traditional Chinese medicines.

  In the early stage of the investigation, the party and government delegation of Yuhuatai District of Nanjing visited the basic situation of poverty alleviation in Danfeng County, and participated in the Symposium on poverty alleviation in Yuhuatai District and Danfeng County organized by the two governments.

  During the activities of Malu Village, an advanced unit for poverty alleviation in the county, the chairman ordered 200 pairs of straw slippers hand-woven by villagers on the spot to help the local characteristic industries.

  In the latter part of the investigation, together with Guo Qiaosheng, director of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing Agricultural University, the proposed plots of construction projects, local resources of traditional Chinese medicines and the status of processing of traditional Chinese medicines were investigated in depth.

  During the activity, Director Guo was invited to teach the cadres and villagers of the two villages about the selection, management and processing of traditional Chinese medicines, which was welcomed by the villagers.

  At the end of the activity, the production line and warehouse of Shangluo Hengkangze Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.,the local partner of the group,were inspected.

  Based on this survey, the chairman of the board of directors proposed that we should seize the favorable opportunity to expand the industrial development field of the group, take building a model Chinese herbal medicine standard planting base as a breakthrough, invest in Danfeng County, according to the local Chinese herbal medicine resources, from quality to high yield, highlight the real estate benefits, promote the improvement of the local industrial layout, help farmers increase production and income, and further develop the group. Lay a good foundation.